Universalism and The Social Justice Paradox. Or, Why SJW Isn’t Marxist

Fascist Feminism may use terms that sound vaguely Marxist, but like the Nazis, their definitions of those terms were the opposite of things that Marxists embraced.
If one does a Marxist analysis of who has been supporting and spreading Fascist-feminism over the last 50 years, it is the most reactionary elements in the United States Government and the wealthiest corporations in America.
I also do not believe it is postmodernist, but absolutely primitive, spiritualist and anti-modern.


1. Introduction

I shall argue that Social Justice Identity Politics — whose advocates are sometimes called “Social justice warriors” or SJWs, to use the nice pejorative — is not Marxist. This not because of any great sympathy from my part towards Marxism. Far from it. I am a centrist, or centre-left, liberal. However, the conflation of SJW with Marxism seems to me not only confused, but also, in some respects, highly counter-productive.

First, I define the terms as I understand them.

Marxism: a universalist, rationalist, egalitarianinternationalist and (allegedly) scientific account of human alienation and oppression under a capitalist economic system, in which the means of production is owned by a certain class within society (the owners of capital and/or the bourgeoisie) and productive work is done by a separate class (the proletariat), under conditions of “wage-slavery”, exploitation and misery, and the…

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A Personal Reflection: Saying Goodbye to the Ghosts in My Childhood Home

Jay and Walt Whitman June 5 2016

While visiting my home, I also visited Walt Whitman’s Home and Museum on Long Island on June 5, 2016.

I was born into a middle class, two story, brick house in Flushing, Queens in New York. It had two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and Living room with a fireplace on the first floor. Up the stairs were two bedrooms and a bathroom down a hallway with closets and  storage space in nooks and grannies. Until I was 13 years old, I lived downstairs in a bedroom next to my parent’s bedroom. I shared that room with my brother, Mark, who was four years older than me. Then I moved into my own bedroom upstairs as my older sister, Billy (later named June) and my two older brothers, Lawrence and Richie left the house.
There was a basement with a heater and washer and dryer and lots of storage space. My father put in a large machine for sawing wood, a long desk and many bins,spaces, cabinets and hooks for storing building materials and tools. He was an engineer and built many things down there, including a wooden table for me to do my homework on when I was around 12 years old. Because of all the noise in the house, I could not concentrate and my school grades had fallen. Eight people in a small crowded house meant lots of noise till late at night. This was not a good environment for a child to do their homework in. I told my father that I had no place to do my homework, so he found me a space upstairs with my own desk and chair.

I left the home I was born in and ran away at the age of 16. I made it to California. I was arrested and returned five weeks later. I took several more short trips away from home until leaving for good to go to college in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the age of 19.

Still I returned to that home on 69th avenue and 184th street in Queens at least once a year for 43 years. Usually it was for four to seven days. Some years I went two or three times. For the past 30 years, most of the time, I went with my Greek wife, Vicky. She also came with me for the five years she was my girl friend before we were married.

I got the news last year that my younger sister, now 54 years old, might be selling the house. She is the only one who lives there now. My mother died at age 93, four years ago. My father died 26 years ago. It was this news that made my annual trip back there, this time so strange. I knew that this was possibly the very last time I would ever be in that house.

I went home last week, June 3 to June 8th, 2016. I always get flashbacks and memories when I go to the home. The memories and feelings were very much like seeing ghosts who have become old friends. This time I would be seeing the ghosts and saying goodbye to them, possibly for the last time. My heart was breaking.

There were so many ghosts of me at different ages still here in this abode. Which me was me, the me I was at five, ten, twenty, forty or sixty? How could they all be me. What the about the ghosts of others, the others in my family were also many different ages. There were also many different relationships between the many me ghosts and the other age ghosts.

Who are the ghosts that I see? I see myself on the kitchen floor at age three. My mother young and beautiful at age 39 is talking on the telephone. She would talk for hours, sometimes for eight hours from 9-5, talking to a dozen different family members. She had eleven brothers and sisters and a mother and other relatives. I would hear her tell stories, the same stories all day long, repeating them seven, eight, ten or twelve times. She kept the essence of the story the same, but embellished it and made it more dramatic with each telling. I hated that she paid so little attention to me and my various tricks to get her off the phone for a few minutes didn’t work as well as they had when I was two.

I remember being on the kitchen floor this one time and thinking a really terrible thought. My thought was this – one day I would not be a child any more, I would be grown up and she would be old, and then she would die. I had not learned the wonderful religious fable that we would all be reborn and live together in heaven after death. I was three years old and contemplating the horror of the death of the person who kept me alive. I thought surely that I would die too when she died.

“Ma, stop talking on the phone and look at me. We won’t be here forever. Love me this moment before it is gone,” I silently pleaded with my eyes and soul.

Now here I was all grown up and she was dead, just as I had imagined it 59 years ago.

Of course, I did not know that her death would be 54 years later. I did not know that she would spend the last 9 or 10 years fading away with Alzheimer disease. I did not know that she would forget my name four years before she died and not recognize me at all for the last two years. I did not know that I would be happy when she died that her daily suffering was over. Instead of a hurricane, her death passed over me like a gentle, Summer rain.

That is not the first ghost of myself that I remember. I remember myself at one year old being tossed up in the air and caught by my father, Nat. My mother screamed for him to stop and threatened to call the police on him. I felt the joy of the tossing and catching game and  laughed at my mother. I knew my father would never let me drop.

Thirty five years later, my father, Nathan, would die. That was a hurricane for me. He did let me drop when he died, but I was old enough to survive by then.

I remember being six years old and going on the front porch with an empty coca-cola six pack carton on my heard like a crown, and proclaiming myself the king of coca-cola. My brothers and some friends laughed. My sister, 20, at the time, was beautiful with long black hair, which she often put in a pony tail. She studied at Lee Stratsburg studios in New York to be an actress at that time. She thought I was being stupid and screamed at me to stop. I felt disappointed that she didn’t see the creativity in my joke. She would tell me that my teeth would fall out from drinking coke. She would also tell me stories of how Marilyn Monroe and other stars sat in on her class at the acting studio. She still lives in New York City. She in 77 years old and frail. We went together to the Museum of Modern Art on this trip.

I remember being ten years old and studying the sports pages to find out how Hofstra University did in basketball and football. My brother Richie, who danced on teenage shows like “America Bandstand” and studied Karate, went to Hofstra University. I planned to go there too. He reminded me of Ricky Nelson on the “Ozzie and Harriet Show,” a popular television show of the late 50s and early 60s. about an ordinary loving middle-class family with two boys. He was going to be the first person in my family to graduate from college. I wanted to be just like him.

I remember being eleven and sitting quietly in my room downstairs while my twenty-one year old brother, Larry, the family rebel, made love upstairs to his pretty girlfriend, Laura. They kept the music playing loud, but the squeaking and shaking of the bed and their laughing and joyful noises made me aware that something called sex was going on. I wasn’t sure exactly what they were doing, but I knew that I would one day grow up and marry and do it too. I knew it involved taking clothes off. I was so shy that I thought I could never do that in front of a girl. I would die of embarrassment if I did that. I imagined on my wedding night that my wife would be as shy as I was and we would both turn the lights out and do whatever sex was with each other.

I remember endless baseball games  with a whiffle ball and bat in the driveway, from ages six to fourteen with my brother Mark who was four years older than me. He was much more skilled than me and almost always won, but once in a great while, he would lose interest in the game and let me win. Whenever we hit a home-run over the roof of the garage, the ball would go into the neighbor’s yard. I would run around the block into the neighbors yard, get the ball and come running back. My brother would count. I would try to get back before he counted to fifty. I would run as fast as I could. Sometimes I made it, but most of the time I didn’t.

My little sister, Jo-anne, eight years younger than me, wore steel braces on her legs as a toddler, at age two. The doctor had said that she would be bow-legged when she grew up if she didn’t wear them for a year or two. She hated them, and my mother would let her walk without them. I would get angry at my mother and remind her what the doctor said. Then she would do her duty as a mother and put them on her. Many years later, I found out that the doctor was completely wrong and she didn’t need the braces. I really felt sorry that I had made my sister wear them.

She took care of my mother for the 20 years after my father died. For 14 years, they had a great time together, shopping and going to parks and museums. The last six years, when my mother’s health really deteriorated, and she was confined in a wheel chair, things became much tougher.

As an adult, after I married and we had my daughter, Aphrodite, we visited the home many times. Only my mother and sister lived there, then. Still, I felt that being in the house helped my daughter understand who I was and where she came from. On one trip when she was about eleven years old, she laid and sat on the front lawn, in the evening’s warm sunlight, just as I had done many times as a child. Jo-anne snapped pictured of her. On another trip a few years later, there was a blizzard and snowstorm of about four feet. we got to play in the snow. I think it was the first time she had ever seen snow (she was born in Florida, where I have lived for 30 years). She was about 13 and walking with me through the snow on the same streets that I had often walked through the snow when I was 13.

These ghosts of myself and my family and so many others memories live in that old haunted house. I revisited them every year for all my adult life. I was so afraid that they would just disappear, as this was the last time I would be in that house. Yet, I was also happy to be saying goodbye to them.

Although, I never lived in the house after age 19, I still considered it my home. It was a place of safety. I knew that if things went really bad in my life, I could always return there. Now that option would soon be gone. My home, the place of my childhood and my safety would soon be gone forever. It would soon be in the hands of others who would make it their own, and I would never see it again, at least from the inside. I again remembered the moment of realization of my mother’s mortality at that I experienced while sitting on the kitchen floor at age three, watching my mother talk on the telephone

I said goodbye to all the ghosts.

I know now that I don’t need the house, The memories are a part of me and will be with me as long as I am conscious. I am so happy I had a chance for this last visit. I realized that the ghosts are not in the house. I carry them with me in my memory. Perhaps, I will get Alzheimer’s disease like my mother and they will slowly fade away. Still, the memories of my family will be beautiful to me for ten or twenty or thirty more years.

My wife, Vicky, also carries many of my memories with her.

And you, my daughter, Aphrodite, will carry some of them with you for many more years, and with your husband, Gavin, you will make new and beautiful ones for your new daughter, “Aleigha.”


Stages in the Cosby Demon Myth

Bill Cosby's Second Album from 1964

Bill Cosby’s Second Album from 1964

I have been looking at the developmental stages of the Cosby Demon Myth. There are a number of stages.
I think the political attacks against Cosby for not being militant enough and not doing racial jokes as most other black comedians were doing in the 60’s and 70’s is an important stage. Cosby was pushing integration and racial equality peace and harmony, at the same time he was celebrating black culture. He is really the link between Dr. Martin Luther King and President Obama. Through his television shows, he actually created an incredible reversal of the racist image of blacks in American society.
However, the traitor charge would be revived in 2004 when he criticized rap music and gangster culture. He was criticized as a traitor by both whites and black for blaming poor blacks for their lifestyle choices instead of blaming racism and poverty. He was seen as both a hero and a traitor to his race.
I think this ambiguity is important. Today it is really hard to determine the message of the Jesus character. Was he a revolutionary political Jewish nationalist or a social reformer?

The political issues with Cosby are just the background to the Demon Cosby Myth.
I have identified three stages in that myth: 1) bad man Cosby, 2) trickster Cosby, 3) Demon Cosby.
These three stages come one after another in time

Bad man Cosby stage – 1998 -2000

1998. Autumn Jackson tries to extort $40 million dollars from Cosby, claiming she is his illegitimate daughter and threatening to reveal it to the world. Her mother Shawn Brown backs up the story. Cosby admits to a brief affair with Shawn Brown in the 1970’s.
2000. Lachelle Covington, 20 year old regular Church goer, after an acting audition with Cosby, goes to the police with her parents and claims Cosby put her hand under his sweatshirt and “started to move it south.” Since no sexual contact occurred by Covington’s own admission, the police quickly dismissed the complaint. The following week Covington’s father sold the story of how Cosby terrified his daughter and attempted to seduce her.

Trickster Cosby stage – 2005-2006
Five women claim Cosby drugged them and either may have had sex with them when they passed out. One said that she awoke to find Cosby trying to kiss and undress her. She said that she would rather die than have sex with him and threatened to throw a lamp at him, before he left. Each of them described one incident. None of them stated that sex took place. Cosby had simply tricked them (drugged them) where sex might have taken place. These accusers were Andrea Constand (who claimed the incident had happened 1 year before)Tamara Green (claimed it had happened 30 years before), Shawn Brown (mother of Autumn Jackson) who had been involved in the 1998 extortion (claimed it had happened 30 years before), Beth Ferrier and Barbara Bowman (two models from the same Denver modeling agency. They both said Jo Farrell, the head of the agency, introduced them to Cosby and sent them to New York (20 years before). Farrell categorically denied introducing any model to Cosby or sending any model to New York. Beth Ferrier additonally claims that she had a brief consensual affair with Cosby before the one drug and possible sexual assault charge. The brief consensual affair really belongs with the “bad man stage.” Only now, instead of Shawn Brown’s claim of an extramarital affair with a woman Cosby’s own age, Ferrier now claims an extramarital affair with a woman 20 years younger).

Transition to Demon stage
A trickster just tricks people for fun. A demon actually harms people because they are intrinsically evil. Barbara Bowman told a trickster story of being drugged and waking up vomiting into a toilet with Cosby holding her hair. She doesn’t remember what happened, but she remembers wearing a different shirt. To this Bowman adds a story of Cosby and her getting into a fight a few weeks later in a hotel room and Cosby throwing her on a bed and unbuckling his belt buckle. She says that she will never forget the sound of that belt buckle unbuckling. She continued to struggle and Cosby lets her go. In a way this resembles Tamara Green story, but Tamara Green claims she woke up after being drugged and struggled with Cosby. Here there is no drugging and Cosby seems to have a magical belt. (ironically, this seems to be a reference to a magical belt that Bill Cosby talked about his father having on his comedy album “To Russell, my brother whom I slept with”. We are now just starting to make a transition from a trickster to a demon.

Demon stage. November 2014 – Present
Bowman repeats her charges in a Washington Post editorial. Now, the story changes and she was also drugged before the hotel bed throwing incident. Bowman now changes her story.
and adds a consensual affair with Cosby just as model Ferrier had claimed in 2005. Only her consensual affair involved multiple drugging and rapes. In the editorial, she rhetorically asks why did nobody believe me for 30 years.
Two Days later, the first new accuser in nine years steps forward, Joan Tarshis. She tells of two separate incidents, like Bowman did in 2006, but she reverses them. Now the first incident is one of drugging and forced oral sex. Cosby is here a trickster-Demon. Like Bowman, she also meets with Cosby a few weeks later, and this time we get a simple drug-wake up in his bedroom not remembering anything story.
After this, the floodgate open and some 30 women accuse Cosby with “bad man” stories, “trickster stories” and “demon stories”. Most of the accusers are models and actresses with histories of mental illness. There histories are never mentioned by the racist and sexist mass media who repeat their stories over and over again.

At the same time, media pundits write stories taking trivial incidents in Cosby’s life which they claim prove the charges against him, most famously a four minute comedy bit wherein Cosby makes fun of the aphrodisiac “Spanish Fly.” Political columnists also bring up Cosby’s past as a supposed traitor to blacks.

Certain insane activist groups pushing rape hysteria use the Demon Cosby Myth to demand that all women be believed in all rape cases, which would give all women the power to jail any man at will. Other ignorant white power groups use it to recruit by saying that they were right about blacks being animals all along. The Cosby Demon Myth is where insanity meets stupidity.

The Terrible, Terrible Lies of the Sad, Sad Cosby Accusers, Part 4 — Joan Tarshis: Impossible Dates in a Drug and Alcohol, Racist Mass Media Enhanced, Demon Cosby Delusion

Joan Tarshsis circa 2006

Joan Tarshis

Joan Terrace (AKA Joan Tarshis) staring with Maureen O'hara in CBS television movie "Mrs. Minerva" in 1959, when she was 11 years old.

Joan Terrace (AKA Joan Tarshis) starring with Maureen O’hara in a CBS television movie “Mrs. Minerva” in 1959, when she was 11 years old. Alcoholism seems to have destroyed her promising acting career that she had as a child.

It is clear that the many news sources that carried Joan Tarshis’ allegations against Dr. Cosby in November, 2014, did not do any fact checking of her story or Tarshis herself. If they had, they would have immediately found that Bill Cosby did not appear at the Westbury Music Fair in Westbury, New York, in fall, 1969. This is when Tarshis claimed he attacked her after giving a show there. Even without research, the many journalists who interviewed her should have realized that a women who was 66 years old in 2014, was 21 in 1969, 45 years earlier, not 19 years old as she repeatedly claimed. They would have found many other fantastic and impossible claims in her story if they had critically examined her story. If they had investigated her, they would have found her self-admitted history of mental problems, institutionalization, drug medication, alcoholism, trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy, and making false claims.

Joan Tarshis was the sixth woman to accuse Bill Cosby of possibly drugging her and sexually assaulting her(1) . She says that she was not one of the original 12 Jane Does(2) who was ready to accuse him in the Andrea Constand case in 2005/2006. After Constand in Jan. 2005, four women had accused Cosby of drugging them 20 and 30 years before.. In each case it was a single instance of drugging and sexual or possible sexual assault. The last accuser Barbara Bowman in 2006, added a second charge of throwing her down on a bed, and unbuckling his belt when she met him a second time in his Hotel room at an Atlantic City hotel. She claimed she hadn’t realized she had been drugged and assaulted the first time . She said this in an interview in Philadelphia Magazine. Nobody after these five women had accused Cosby of anything between 2006 and 2014.

On Oct 17, 2014, Philadelphia Magazine, almost nine years after they had published the Bowman interview, posted a video of unknown black comedian Hannibal Buress calling Bill Cosby a rapist in a comedy routine. It was a fact he said he learned from Google(3). On November 13, the Washington Post published an editorial(4) by 2006 accuser Barbara Bowman asking why it took 30 years for people to believe her.

Three days after the Post editorial, Hollywood Elsewhere published an email(5) sent by Joan Tarshis. She accused Bill Cosby of two druggings and assaults in the Fall of 1969. She was the first person to accuse Cosby of forcing oral sex on her. She repeated these accusations in a published interview in Philadelphia Magazine(6) on November 17 ,an interview on CNN(7), the Daily Mail(8), Inside Edition(9) and in People magazine(10).

Here is the main part of her story written by herself in her original Email to Hollywood Elsewhere:

“I was 19 years old in autumn of 1969. I had flown to Los Angeles from New York to work on a monologue with Godfrey Cambridge. Two women I was staying with were friends of Bill Cosby, and they took me to have lunch with him in his cottage at Universal Studios, where he was shooting The Bill Cosby Show. He was always generous with his food and drinks, though he never drank alcohol. But he always topped my Bloody Mary’s with beer, which he called a ‘redeye.’

“Cosby seemed to take a liking to me, and so I was invited back a few times. I was naturally flattered. I visited the set on my own and he once introduced me to Sidney Poitier as ‘Midget,’ his pet name for me because I was 5’3″.

“One day he asked me to stay after the shooting and work on some material with him. I was even more flattered and thought this would help move my writing career along. In his bungalow he made me a redeye, and I began to tell him about the earthquake Los Angeles had just had and the sound it made. He liked my ideas for an earthquake bit.

“The next thing I remember was coming to on his couch while being undressed. Through the haze I thought I was being clever when I told him I had an infection and he would catch it and his wife would know he had sex with someone. But he just found another orifice to use. I was sickened by what was happening to me and shocked that this man I had idolized was now raping me. Of course I told no one.

“Back home with my parents, my mother kept bringing his name up as a source of pride. Cosby was very hot then with his first sitcom, The Bill Cosby Show, and she was proud that her daughter had written with him. So the day that he called, she answered the phone and he told her he was inviting me to The Westbury Music Theater. I was repulsed by the thought of seeing him again, but I saw no way out. I couldn’t tell my mother what he had done. Or what I had let happen, feeling the guilt that rape victims often feel.

“He sent a limo to pick me up and I was dropped off at the Sherry Netherland Hotel and went up to his suite. I remember noticing that his leather shaving kit was filled with bottles of pills, and thinking that this seemed odd. He was, of course, very friendly and I, of course, was very uncomfortable. He made me a redeye, and I, being nervous and dealing at the time with an alcohol problem (I’ve been in recovery since 1988), drank it. In the car I had something else to drink, but was already beginning to feel a bit stoned.

“When we got to Westbury and he went on, there was no seat for me. I stood in the back of the theater with his chauffeur, feeling insulted that I wasn’t respected enough to be given a reserved seat. But soon after, I remember feeling very, very stoned and asking his chauffeur to take me back to the car. I was having trouble standing up. The next thing I remember was waking up in his bed back at the Sherry, naked. I remember thinking ‘You old shit, I guess you got me this time, but it’s the last time you’ll ever see me.’

Impossible Time-Lines
Ms. Tarshis is very specific about the date. She says it happened in the “fall of 1969.” She talks about “Cosby was very hot then with his first sitcom, ‘The Bill Cosby Show’.” This show only premiered on “Sept. 14, 1969(11). If Tarshis says he was hot from the show, it must have been after Sept. 14 when the show first aired.
In checking multiple sources, including Newsday, the New York Times, the Long Islander, N.Y. Magazine and the Village Voice, I found that Bill Cosby did not appear at the Westbury Music Festival in the fall of 1969.
He only appeared at the Westbury Music Fair for three days that year, May 30th, May 31st, and June 1st(12).
May 20 1969Capture Westbury MusicFair Newsday April 16, 1969(13)

This basically destroys the credibility of Tarshis’ whole story. If Bill Cosby did not play at the Westbury Music Fair in fall 1969, she could not have been taken there and drugged. If she met Bill Cosby at the Westbury Music Fair on May 30th, 31st or June 1st, 1969, she could not have met him for the first time in California in the fall of 1969, several months afterwards.
We cannot simply reverse the order of the two meetings, the first at the Westbury Music Fair in the spring and the second(14) in California at “the Bill Cosby Show” set in the fall of 1969. Tarshis recollects that Cosby called Tarshis’ mother at her house and sent a limo to pick her up. She says that she was afraid to go because he had already raped her in California. This becomes senseless if she had not already met Cosby in California.
In a People Magazine interview, Tarshis places the time he was at the Music Fair about a month after she was on the Bill Cosby Show set shooting with him. The Nov. 19, 2014 article says, “Tarshis went home to her parents in Brooklyn, where Cosby called her about a month later, she says.”
The only possibility to save Tarshis’ story is to assume she mistook the spring for the fall and she met Cosby in April or early May, 1969 in California and saw him a second time at his May 30-June 1 Westbury appearance.
One bit of evidence supports this scenario. She claims there was an Earthquake or tremor when she arrived in L.A. There was only one large tremor felt in L.A. that year and it was April 28th(15). However it was only felt for several seconds as a rolling motion. She says, “I began to tell him about the Earthquake that Los Angeles had just had and the sound it made.” This would put the telling of the story around the first week of May. This would be about a month before Cosby’s appearance at the Westbury Music Fair that year.
There are however four major problems with this a number of major problems with this alternate scenario. This conflicts with time elements in her story with the activities Godfrey Cambridge, Sidney Poitier, the filming of the “Bill Cosby Show,” and Tarshis’ own resume describing when she became a writer.

The first major problem with a fall timeline, is that she says that Godfrey Cambridge flew her out from New York to California just before she met Cosby. Cambridge was mainly in New York and Chicago for at least three months before June 1st. He appeared on many New York talk shows and one Chicago show and started filming Cotton Comes to Harlem in New York in early May, 1969(16).
It makes no sense for Cambridge to fly 21 year old Tarshis out to California to work on a monologue, if he is in New York City and Chicago all this time.
To be honest, I could not find the whereabouts of Cambridge between April 21, 1969 when he gave out a Tony Award in N.Y.C. to May 11 when he was at a benefit for the Free Southern Theater in N.Y.C. (Coincidentally, Bill Cosby was also at that benefit). Given 10-12 hour travel times in 1969 between N.Y.C. and Los Angeles, he could conceivably have been in L.A. some time during the 18 days from April 22nd to May 10th. However, I could not find any evidence that he was actually in L.A. during this time. It is much more likely that he stayed in New York and prepared to start filming Cotton Comes to Harlem. It was an important film for him. His friend, Ossie Davis was directing his first film, and it was set to be part of a six picture deal with producer Sam Goldwyn Jr., based on detective novels from Chester Himes. A May 14, 1969 article said that filming had already started and Cambridge had already been out in police squad cars in Harlem before the movie started(17).

Cambridge was filming “the Watermelon Man”in the fall of 1969 when Tarshis claims he flew her out to L.A. to write monologues for him. This appears to be the only monologue he performed from September 1969 to the end of the year. It was broadcast live on Nov. 29, 1969. Except for perhaps the first two jokes, there is no new material that he hadn’t done before.

The second major problem with a spring timeline, is her claim that she met Sidney Poitier on the set of Cosby’s show. Poitier lived in the Bahamas. A trip to L.A. would have brought big publicity in L.A. and Cosby would have loved the publicity for his new show. There is nothing about Poitier being in L.A. or visiting Cosby in early May. There was only one reported meeting between Cosby and Poitier that year. It was in a New York nightclub named Nepentha. It was reported June 5th, so it was around the time Cosby was in New York playing at the Westbury Music Fair (May 30-June 1)(18).
A third problem for a fall Music Hall encounter is Tarshis has said that Cosby was filming his show at the time she met him, but Cosby was not yet shooting his show in early May. On April 20th, there was an announcement that the new show would be shot at Warner Brothers Studios(19). On the same day, Bill Cosby’s first son, his third child, was born. On April 27th, it was announced that the character that Cosby would play was not going to be a high school teacher/private eye, but only a high school teacher(20). It is unlikely the show could have been shooting before the occupation of Cosby’s character was set. On May 6, 1969, it was announced that Lee Weaver and Sid McCoy had been signed to co-star(21). It is clear that at this point, filming of the show had not yet begun. Only on May 25th was there an article in a newspaper talking about the series now starting to be filmed(22). However, this article describes a scene being shot at the Mother Cabrini Academy Gym in Burbank. When watching the episodes, it appears that the episodes that were broadcast first and third were shot entirely on location. It seems likely that these episodes were shot first in May, 1969 before Cosby was using Warner Brothers studios, Shooting at Warner Brothers almost certainly started in June, after Cosby returned from the Westbury Music Fair engagement in New York.

A fourth problem for the spring alternative timeline or even the original fall timeline is Tarshis’ posted resume at mediabistro.com(23). Although the resume is undated, she lists having an IPhone. Since IPhones first came out in summer, 2007, the resume must be post that date. She writes, “I have worn many hats as a journalist, photographer, biographer, editor, copywriter and publicist – on staff and freelance.” She does not mention writing monologues for Godfrey Cambridge and Bill Cosby. She also states that she has been a writer for 30 years, which means she would have started writing in 1977. This means that for eight years after allegedly writing monologues for Cambridge an Cosby, she wrote nothing. However, the earliest reference to a writing of hers that I could find online was a 1992 Playgirl Magazine article entitled “All the Right Moves: Aggressive, assertive, go-get-’em broads are scaring the pants off some men—but isn’t that the idea?(24)” She did not reveal her alleged assault by Cosby until 2014, so she could have used the monologues on her resume, or at least the ones she claims now she wrote for Cambridge.

Incidentally, her resume states “I was attending Hunter College and on the way to earning my BA when I was hired as a copywriter. But I will earn my Master’s from SUNY.” She does not state in what subject she was earning her BA or which subject she will earn her Master’s degree in. The field that you studied in college in basic information for any resume. It seems that this is Tarshis’ way of hiding that she does not have a BA degree. According to a November 2014 article on her, in a Woodstock newspaper(25), “She said she now is retired and studying computer science at SUNY Ulster County Community College.” Given that she does not have a background in science and she went to the high school of Performing Arts in N.Y., it is hard to believe that she is starting at 66 the completely different field of computer science.

Fantastic Childish Nature of the Story

We should consider the fantastic nature of all the things that Tarshis relates. In 1965, Time Magazine(26) called Godfrey Cambridge one of the country’s four most celebrated Negro Comedians.” It seems quite fantastic that a 21 year old white woman, with a serious alcohol problem, as she admits she had, living with her parents would so impress one of the four top black comedians in the country that he would fly her to California to write a monologue, especially since he was going to be in New York filming a movie for the next few months. If we assume the impossible fall timeline, it is true that Cambridge was in California, but he filming the Watermelon Man at the time, and his only comedy appearance was on the Hollywood Palace on November 29th(27). He did four and a half minutes of old routines with only possibly one or two new quips thrown in. Cambridge had no need for anybody to write a new monologue for him and he did not use any.
By amazing coincidence, she just happens to be staying in California with two girls who are good friends with another of the top four most celebrated Negro Comedians in America. They are such good friends that apparently they have lunch with him every day. Cosby who could have had lunch with any A list star in Hollywood preferred to have lunch with two unknown roommates. Tarshis just happens to be staying with these roommates. She does not even bother to give their names, or explain how she came to stay with these roommates. They are just anonymous roommates. Cosby was one of the hottest and busiest stars in America at this time and hundreds of agents, ad executives, actors and actresses, singers, reporters and deal-makers had to struggle to schedule appointments for five minutes of time with him, but Tarshis without any effort gets to have lunch with him at least three or four times in a short period. People were paying Cosby $10,000 a night to sit in an audience with a two thousand other people and listen to Bill Cosby speak for two hours. Tarshis gets to talk with him practically alone over lunch, apparently four or five times in the space of a week. As if this was not incredible enough, for good measure, Tarshis says that Cosby introduced her as “Midget” to Sidney Poitier, the leading black actor in America in 1969. Poitier was a movie actor who did no television, Cosby was a television actor who had done no movies at this point in his career. They lived in two different worlds. Poitier lived in the Bahamas. Yet, magically Tarshis has Poitier suddenly appear during one of the four or five lunch hours that she alleges she spent with him. She says Cosby introduced her as “Midget.” Introducing her as “Midget” is just bizarre. She is 5’3″ and he is 6’0″ tall. The height of the average woman around 1969 was around 5’3″, so Tarshis was not even short, let alone a midget in any sense.
Perhaps Cosby was trying to impress Poitier that he knew the famous Joan Tarshis so well and were such good friends that he had a nickname for her, and that is why he introduced her as “Midget” to Poitier. Poitier formed his own movie company with Paul Newman and Barbara Streisand that year.
Somehow this unemployed 21 year old, white woman, with an alcohol problem, living with her parents in New York City who apparently has not attended any college at this time, gets hired by one of the four most honored black comedians in the country and after, he flies her out to California, within a week or two, she coincidentally gets to meet both the leading black television actor and the leading black movie actor in the country.

Tarshis’ Psychological Problems

We have seen that when facts in Tarshis’ story is checked, the story proves false: 1) Cosby did not play the Westbury Music Fair in the Fall of 1969 as she claims. 2) Godfrey Cambridge does not appear to have been in Los Angeles when Tarshis claims he flew her out to write a monologue. 3) Cosby was not filming his television series one month before he appeared at the Westbury Music Fair as she claims.
However, even if the factual details of her story did check out, the fantastic nature of an unemployed 19 year old white girl, living with her parents, and struggling with an alcohol problem, suddenly casually meeting perhaps the three leading black actors in America and being raped by one of them, should make us seriously doubt her story. The fact that she has also has a history of psychological problems is certainly a relevant factor in understanding why she would get on national television and tell this tale.

CNN Interview 9/17/2014

In the article, Tarshis admits that when she met Cosby she was “dealing at the time with an alcohol problem (I’ve been in recovery since 1988)”. That would be at least a 20 year drinking problem. While admitting this, Tarshis hid the important fact that she has also struggled with mental illness as well, as alcoholism. However, neither “Inside Edition” “CNN” “People” or other newsmedia reported the extremely important fact that Ms.Tarshis had been in mental hospitals and has had mental delusions over a number of years. These delusions include believing that she talked with aliens and talked with God in a lightbulb. They also did not reveal the fact that she had been frequently medicated with psychotropic drugs. Ms. Tarshis publicly revealed this on her Facebook page in 2013. That was over a year before she made her terrible charges against Dr. Cosby.

Tarshis Proves How Racist the Mass Media is in America

Why did nobody from the mass newsmedia in America reveal this or think that it was relevant before spreading Tarshis’ story to hundreds of millions of people? They might respond that with the pressure for ratings, they had no time to check. It wasn’t their fault, but the 24 hour news cycle that causes them to make terrible mistakes like this. This is plausible, but only explains errors in general and not the specific errors in this case. In my opinion, the answer is that the people who own and manage the mass newsmedia in the United States are racist and wanted to believe that a famous black man was secretly a rapist. The fact that they did not do any kind of investigation of Tarshis or her story is strong evidence of their racism. It should not be passed over or forgotten or forgiven. It is a serious crime against an innocent man, an innocent group of people and all people.

From Joan Tarshis’s Facebook website 5/8/13
In the video, Ms. Tarshis refers to a manic-depressive episode involving Anne Murray winning a Grammy Award. She won Grammy awards in 1974, 1978, 1980, and 1983(28). This suggests that at least one her manic-depressive episodes happened between 1974 and 1983.

Tarshis also states on her facebook page that she suffered a serous brain trauma in 2013.

Joan Tarshis concussion

Tarshis made fun of her own mental state when she published this rather witty cartoon:

Tarshis cartoon

At least a half dozen checkable facts in Joan Tarshis’ Demon Cosby tale are false, extremely unlikely or impossible, from Tarshis’ age (21, not 19) to Cosby’s performing in the fall of 1969 at the Westbury Music Fair. The whole story is fantastic. Given her self proclaimed history of alcoholism and mental instability, there is no reason to believe that any part of the story is true or that she ever met Bill Cosby.

(1) http://www.phillymag.com/news/2014/11/17/bill-cosby-rape-sexual-assault-joan-tarshis/. Philadelphia Magazine says in an interview with her, “Tarshis is the fifth woman to publicly accuse Cosby of sexual assault” In fact, Andrea Constand, Tamara Green, Shawn Brown and Beth Ferrier accused him, in 2005, and Barbara Bowman accused him in 2006. They might have left out Shawn Brown because her daughter, Autumn Jackson, was arrested for trying to extort $40,000,000 from Bill Cosby in 1998.
(12)Here is a list of all the acts that did appear at the Westbury Music Hall in the Fall of 1969
Sept. 23 – Oct 5 – Jan Peerce in an Israeli Salute, Oct. 7-12, Jimmy Roselli and Corbette Monica, Oct. 18, Chambers Brothers, Oct 19, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Oct. 20, Jewish National Fund, Oct. 21-26, Liberace, Nov. 2, The Association, Nov. 6-10, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gormet, Nov 11-23, Caberet with Judy Carne Nov. 26, Four Seasons with Frankie Vallie, Nov. 28-30, Ray Charles, Dec. 26-Dec. 31, Ann Coria: This was Burlesque.
There were no other advertisements or reviews listing Cosby or any other shows.
(13)Newsday, April 16, 1969, May 20, 1969
(15)http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1969/04/29/page/1/article/s-california-hit-by-light-earthquake, also N.Y. Times, April 29, 1969, pg. 19. “Quake Felt in California”
(16)Here is a list of Cambridge’s appearances around this time. the television show listings are from numerous newspapers. All the shows were filmed in New York City:
Feb. 23, Interview in New York Apartment (Boston Herald, pg 199), March 6, Merv Griffin Show, March 7, Steve Allan Show, March 23, Merv Griffin Show, March30, Merv Griffin Show, April 4, Performing in Chicago April 1-3 at Mister Kellys, http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1969/03/31/page/22/article/ticker-tower, Joan Rivers Show, April 9, performing in Chicago (Boston Herald Traveler, April 9, 1969, pg. 43c), April 11, in Chicago on Kup’s Show, April 10, Joan River’s Show, April 21 Tony Awards in N.Y. May 11, Waldorf Astoria, benefit for “Free Southern Theater” with Bill Cosby (N.Y. Times, May 12, pg. 58), He started shooting the film “Cotton Comes to Harlem” in New York around this time. Register-Republic (Rockford, IL) Page: 52, on May 14, has an article saying that Cambridge was riding around with police for a few days for training for the film he had started shooting.
(17)Ibid, Register-Republic (Rockford, IL), May 14, 1969, pg. 52.
(18)Dallas Daily News, June 5, 1969, pg. 25, et al. The same article also mentions Godfrey Cambridge being at another New York nightclub.
(19)Greenboro Daily News April 20, 1969, pg. 42, et al.
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(21)Evening Star, Washington D.C., May 6, 1969, pg. 33, et al.
(22)San Diego Union, May 25th, pg. 154
(24)Playgirl Magazine, August, 1992, Volume 20, issue #3.
(27)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KojyA9evNak Cambridge comes on around 45 minutes.

The Terrible, Terrible Lies of the Sad, Sad Cosby Accusers: Louisa Moritz: Ditzy Blonde Actress Turned Lawyer

Nipsey Russell in 1973 at Don Rickles Roast. He appeared with Louisa Moritz on Aug. 23, 1971 on the Tonight Show. Moritz claimed Cosby was a guest on the Tonight Show when he propositioned her. Cosby was not there that night, but Russell was? Could Moritz have confused Cosby and Russell?

Nipsey Russell in 1973 at Don Rickles Roast. He appeared with Louisa Moritz on Aug. 23, 1971 on the Tonight Show. Moritz claimed that Cosby was a guest on the show with her when he offered to make her a star and sexually assaulted her. Cosby was not a guest that night. Could Moritz have confused Cosby and Russell?

Louisa Moritz in "Last American Virgin" 1982

Louisa Moritz in “Last American Virgin” 1982

Louisa Moritz was 58 years old when she was admitted to the California Bar to practice law on November 24, 2004.(1) It seemed that her career in television and movies playing “ditzy blondes” was over.

Seven weeks later, on January 13, 2005, 31 year old Andrea Constand filed a charge with the Durham, Ontario, Canada police against Bill Cosby charging that he had possibly drugged her and touched her breast and put her hand on his penis one year previously (2). Two weeks later, on January 28, 2005, Tamara Green a 57 year old lawyer,  after seeing a report of the Constand case on television, gave a statement by phone to a Montgomery County detective claiming that Cosby had also drugged and perhaps assaulted her (3). Green was on numerous television shows and gave numerous interviews. The media did not reveal that at the time she filed the complaint, Tamara Green was under investigation by the California Bar for 13 counts of misconduct for stealing $20,000 from three client (3) the California  Bar suspended Green’s license a year later and said that Green was mentally ill and had not gone for the treatment they recommended.

Louisa Moritz, although now a lawyer and almost certainly aware of the accusations against Cosby, did not come forward in 2005-2006 with any information that she had regarding Cosby. After Constand and Green charges were widely publicized in the media in 2005, three other accusers, Barbara Bowman (5), Beth Ferrier (6) and Shawn Upton (7) all claimed they had possibly been drugged and possibly molested by Cosby. At this time, she did not come forward with any accusation against Dr. Cosby.

Nobody, except these five woman accused Dr. Cosby of anything between 2006 and 2014. Moritz was part of the second wave of accusers in November, 2014. She gave an exclusive interview to TMZ on Nov. 20th, 2014, claiming that Cosby had promised to make her a big star, while she was in the Green Room on the Tonight Show in 1971. She said that he said that after promising to help make him a star, he put his penis into her mouth(8).

Moritz was 25 years old. Her father and brother were lawyers. Here was a man whom she had never met coming into her dressing room before she was to go on the most important late night show in the United States. In a few minutes without her consent, he exposes himself and forces her to put his penis in her mouth. One would have imagined that she would be shocked by this action and immediately go to the nearest security guard and report the attack by an obviously insane Cosby.

In August of 1971, Cosby was telling the press, that he was leaving show business to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a High School Teacher. He had sold his Hollywood mansion and had bought a house near the University of Massachusetts. He had enrolled there to complete his education.

According to IMDB, Cosby was never on the Tonight show with her. A reporter named Patrick Howley called her at home about the discrepancy (9):

Moritz admitted that she wasn’t actually sure what year the alleged assault occurred.

“I think it was the year,” Moritz told TheDC.

“I was on the same episode,” Moritz said. “When they called my name and he went out. He went out when they called my name and he said ‘Hi.’”

“I’m not sure exactly when it was but my attorney was looking for that,” Moritz added. “I’m not sure because I’m in bed and I’m tired.”

Moritz was only on the Tonight Show three times in the Summer of 1971. What is perhaps most amazing is that Moritz never bothered to check if Cosby was actually on the Tonight Show with her before making her accusation.

At the time of her first appearance, on the show in N.Y., July 23, 1971, Cosby was in Washington D.C. performing a concert with Ray Charles (10). He was apparently in L.A. filming the movie “Hickey and Boggs” starting August 16, 1971 (11) (12)(13). The fact that Cosby was shooting a film directed by his best friend, Robert Culp at the time does not mean that Cosby could not have flown to New York one week after shooting started.  However, one should remember that there were thousands of young starlets in L.A. at that time and the only film that Moritz had been in was a universally panned soft-core porn feature called “The Man From O.R.G.Y.” She had done some commercials and a few episodes of television comedy shows as well. It is hard to imagine that he would have been so enamored with her performances that he would fly ten-twelve hours to New York (13), tell her how he was going to make her a star, put his penis in her mouth, tell her that he would be upset if she told anyone, and then flown ten to twelve hours back to L.A..

From Moritz’ side the accusation is incredible that after suddenly being sexually assaulted by a man she had never met, she calmly walked out on a National Television Show and did a comedy routine and never told anybody for 43 years.

From Cosby’s side the accusation is even more unbelievable. The budget for the entire “Hickey and Boggs” film was one million dollars. He was certainly making the film for scale, as a favor to his friend, Robert Culp who was directing his first movie. Assuming that he had become infatuated with Moritz for some reason, he had to fly ten-twelve hours to New York(14). How could he have known that when he arrived he would find Moritz alone at the Tonight Show and offer her stardom. If he was just attacking a random woman in the Green Room, how could he have known that she was an actress interested in stardom? She could have been a scientist being interviewed on the Tonight Show for a new discovery.

Thus the public record proves that Moritz is not correct in her accusation that Cosby was on the show with her and the story seems absurd and fantastic when we look at the supposed actions of Moritz and Cosby as she describes them.

Further, one might ask why she said that the attacker merely put his penis in her mouth and did not have oral sex with her. In the telling of the story, Moritz does not explain why the attacker didn’t force her to have oral sex with her. She explains how Cosby forced her head, but doesn’t explain if she pulled her head away or if he pulled his penis out . It seems amazing that a man could have such control that he wouldn’t force her to continue with oral sex once he had put his penis in his mouth.

The answer is most likely because Ms. Moritz, who gave her story to TMZ on the November 20th had heard of Ms. Joan Tarshis’ interview on CNN on November 18th. She had accused Cosby of forcing Cosby to have oral sex with her in 1969. In the interviewer, the reporter asked her why she didn’t bite his penis. Tarshis answered, “I didn’t even think of it.” The answer made Tarshis sound either stupid or the sex was really consensual (15). Moritz, now a lawyer, did not want to remiind people of her ditzy blond image that she had as an actress and claim that she also did not think of it. Therefore, she denied any oral sex at all. She does not seem to realize that this makes Cosby sound more like a bad movie villain than a human being.

It is also noteworthy that she was on the Tonight Show with a black comedian named Nipsey Russell. Nipsey Russell was as famous and popular as Cosby (16) at the time and he looks quite a bit like Cosby. It is possible that she engaged in sex with Russell and has simply misremembered it as being Cosby. Nipsey Russell died in Oct. 2005. This was 10 months after Constand filed her charges against Cosby. If Moritz had declared Cosby had assaulted her on the Tonight Show. Russell could have come forward and declared that it was not Cosby who was on the Tonight Show, but him.

Apparently, Moritz had been having some legal difficulties shortly before she came forward with her charge against Dr. Cosby. According to CNN(17):

She received as a disciplinary measure a “public reproval” in 2013 after taking a legal fee for work that was not performed. She refunded the fee after the client complained to the bar, according to documents.

In September, Moritz, who is 68, did not respond to a notice of disciplinary charges and as a result, a court recommended her disbarment.

CNN made multiple calls to numbers listed for Moritz, and has not been able to reach her.

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The Terrible, Terrible Lies of the Sad, Sad Cosby Accusers: Part 2 – Chloe Goins, Cinderella at the Playboy Mansion


Chloe Goins filed a police charge against Dr. Cosby last week, on Jan 14th 2015. Cosby defense lawyers have said that they have phone and airplane records proving that Dr. Cosby was in New York at the time of the alleged incident. The police should never have even bothered to get these records. Just by examining and analyzing her story, they should have seen that it was a confabulation. It is based on her imagination and retold as a psychotic version of Cinderella.

Here is a bit of an exclusive interview with Chloe Goins, (a current 24 year old model and lap dancer who was arrested for prostitution in 2011) telling how she was drugged and raped at the Playboy Mansion on August 9th 2008. From listening to the headlines or just reading thousand of online accounts that give only the basic account of her allegation, it would be impossible to know if this event really happened or not. It is only when one actually reads and analyzes the story that it appears as an obvious piece of fiction.
from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … z3PI9tPqzb

Goins says the party was in full swing when they arrived at the mansion at around 11pm.

Within a few minutes of walking in they were introduced to Hugh Hefner himself.

‘We were running late but we were quickly introduced to Hef when we got there. It was the first time I had met him, I was excited and all focus was on him. Me and my friend were two cute blondes, he liked us.

‘We were talking to Hef for a while and that’s when Bill Cosby walked up. I kind of recognized him from TV, I know he was on a TV show where he played a family guy, but he was a little bit before my time.

‘Hef introduced him as his good friend, they seemed really close. He seemed like a really nice guy, really funny.

‘We were talking, laughing and having fun.’

As the conversation began to flow Goins remembers Cosby giving her lots of attention.

Then when Hef was in the middle of telling a story, Cosby slipped away and came back with two drinks for the girls.

Goins said: ‘He kind of just left and we were talking and he came back with drinks. He gave me a vodka mixer I think.

‘I wasn’t really supposed to drink because of my age but I was like, ‘okay, cool’. I thought I’d got a drink on the side.

‘I remember the drink being kind of strong but it didn’t taste funny or anything like that.

‘I think I finished most of it, I didn’t set my glass down I was holding it the whole time.’

But then out of nowhere Chloe claims she began to feel ‘dizzy’ and unsteady on her feet.
‘Everything kind of went a little foggy, I started feeling sick to my stomach, and just dizzy,’ she said.

‘I started telling my friend and I was like where’s the bathroom, but I could tell my friend just wanted to hang out, we were still talking to Hef.’

At that point Hefner, realizing Goins wasn’t feeling well, offered the use of one of his many spare bedrooms so she could lie down.

Goins said: ‘Then Bill offered to show me the room, he said he knew the way. He seemed nice and I don’t remember feeling nervous or that it was weird.

‘He had his arm around me to show me the way and I did notice he had been paying me a little more attention than my friend, but never thought anything of it.’

That was the last thing Goins remembers. She doesn’t recall entering the room.

She claims she woke up completely naked on a bed and alleges Cosby was hunched over her licking her toes. She knew she was still in the Playboy mansion because she could hear music playing. Disturbingly, Goins said the then 70-year-old had his trousers around his ankles and was pleasuring himself.

‘I was butt naked lying on my back on a bed and didn’t have any idea where I was ‘I was in a bedroom and presumed it was in the mansion because I could hear music, I don’t think it was Hef’s room, it was just a nice room.

‘I came to and remember seeing this big man crouched over me. It was Bill Cosby and he was at my feet, kind of licking and kissing them and I think he bit my toe as that’s what woke me up.

‘I kind of thank God for that because that’s what woke me up and I came to.

‘I was shocked, I said, ‘hey, what’s going on’, he didn’t really say anything, didn’t explain anything or give a reason.

‘He jumped up, pulled his pants back up quickly and left. He had seen that I was alert and bolted out of there, I was left in the room by myself.’

Goins said she is sure Cosby had been licking her breasts and groping her body as well.

She said: ‘I remember waking up and feeling moist all over, like he had been licking all over me.

‘He wasn’t on my breasts when I woke, but I could feel, you know, the saliva on them and that he’d been licking on me.

‘I felt embarrassed, it was a gross, icky feeling, I felt very violated and humiliated.

Here are three serious problems with the story:
1. Instant access to Hugh Hefner.
Notice that Goins imagines that she would immediately be talking with 82 year old Hugh Hefner upon minutes of arriving at the party. There were over 800 people at the party, including many movie stars including Jason Stratham, Jon Lovitz, Mathew Perry, Steve Coogan, Paris Hilton. (http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/58 … oy-Mansion), Brody Jenner, Jenny McCarthy, Nicky Hilton, and Tony Curtis (http://celebrity-hype.com/2008/08/14/en … y-parties/) Tickets to the event cost about $3,000, in 2014, so it was probably about $2,000 for a ticket in 2008. One would imagine that Hefner would be talking to dozens of old friends and movie stars that he has known for decades rather than meeting unknown penniless girls at his party. It is almost certain that most of the people at the party did not get to meet Hefner. There would likely have been hundreds of people waiting for an opportunity to meet him and talk with him. It is as believable as a kid who tells a story about his visiting the White House and a friend’s father immediately takes him over to meet the president. We have to suspect that we are hearing a fantastic yawn, not an historical incident.

2. Goins does not only get close to Hugh Hefner immediately, but she stays with him for at least 40 minutes.
Goins says “‘We were talking to Hef for a while and that’s when Bill Cosby walked up.” We can take “for a while” to be five or ten minutes before Cosby comes. She then says, ‘Hef introduced him as his good friend, they seemed really close. He seemed like a really nice guy, really funny. ‘We were talking, laughing and having fun.’ Again, this would seem to suggest some time, at least another five-ten minutes of Cosby, “Hef,” Goins and friend “talking and laughing and having fun.” The reporter notes, “As the conversation began to flow Goins remembers Cosby giving her lots of attention.” We can add another five or ten minutes of Cosby giving Goins a lot of attention, The story continues, “Then when Hef was in the middle of telling a story, Cosby slipped away and came back with two drinks for the girls. Goins said: ‘He kind of just left and we were talking and he came back with drinks. He gave me a vodka mixer I think.’ ” It is a little bit ridiculous to believe that Cosby, age 71, and possessing a $400 million fortune would not have an assistant at the the party whom he could ask to go get drinks, but we will assume, he decided to act like a servant for these two unknown girls, apparently more enticing for Hefner and Cosby than the hundreds of other scantily-clad models and actresses at the party. We will assume that drinks were nearby and for Cosby to get two drinks, put a drug in one, and return would only take another five-ten minutes. Finally, we have this part of the episode, “”I wasn’t really supposed to drink because of my age but I was like, ‘okay, cool’. I thought I’d got a drink on the side.’I remember the drink being kind of strong but it didn’t taste funny or anything like that. ‘I think I finished most of it, I didn’t set my glass down I was holding it the whole time…Everything kind of went a little foggy, I started feeling sick to my stomach, and just dizzy,’ she said.” To drink a nearly whole vodka mixer and for any drug in it to take effect, would have taken at least twenty minutes.
Thus we have a total time of 1) 5-10 minutes with “Hef'” 2) 5-10 minutes with Cosby and Hef making her laugh, 3) 5-10 minutes of Cosby paying special attention to Chloe 4) 5-10 minutes for Cosby to get the drink, 5) 20 minutes to drink and feel the effects. This is a total of 40-60 minutes of Goins hanging out with Hugh Hefner, an 82 year old man whom she at never met before. How extraordinary is it that “Hef” would spend so much time with an 18 year old guest that he did not know at all. One supposes that the other 800 guests, although including numerous movie stars, starlets, and Playboy bunnies were just not that important enough for “Hef.” He just had to be with our Cinderella, Chloe Goin.

3. “Hef” helps his old friend Bill to Commit Rape.
Here is Goins own narrative, “‘I started telling my friend and I was like where’s the bathroom, but I could tell my friend just wanted to hang out, we were still talking to Hef.’
At that point Hefner, realizing Goins wasn’t feeling well, offered the use of one of his many spare bedrooms so she could lie down. Goins said: ‘Then Bill offered to show me the room, he said he knew the way.”
Let us assume that Demon Cosby had planned on drugging and raping Ms. Goins. He gives her a drink and she becomes sick. She wants to go to the bathroom, “I was like where’s the bathroom.” What would most likely be the reaction of Hugh Hefner to one of his guests getting sick at the party and looking to use the bathroom. The Playboy mansion has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. We can pretty well assume that Hefner would not let any 18 year old he has met 35-50 minutes ago into his master bedroom, which leaves us with four bedrooms and six bathrooms. With 800 people drinking, one would imagine that there would be long lines at the bathrooms. We can imagine a number of responses to this situation by Hefner. He could ask one of his numerous security guards to take Goins to the nearest bathroom and make sure she is next on line. Also with 800 people getting drunk there would certainly be at least a few hired nurses in attendance, he could ask an assistant to get one or to find a doctor at the party and make sure she is okay. He could ask an assistant to take her outside to get some air. Hefner did not do any of those things. Instead he “offered the use of one of his many spare bedrooms” so she could lie down. The spare bedrooms weren’t locked because Cosby did not ask for a key. How would Hefner know that people were not already using them? Cosby could also not have known that the spare bedrooms were not in use. The bottom line is that Cosby could not have known that Hefner would suggest a spare bedroom after Cosby’s victim got sick and Cosby could not have known that one of the four bedrooms would even be empty. Was Cosby planning on raping her in front of 800 people after drugging her? Also, Cosby could not have known if Hefner would ask one of his many woman friends to help the woman to the bedroom. This seems the most obvious thing for Hefner to do. Would Hefner suggest a sick woman in his house for the first time find the bedroom by herself? Wouldn’t he need to suggest that one of the dozens of playmates he knew at the party accompany her? Additionally, Cosby could not have known if Goins would ask her friend, who had accompanied her to the party, to take her to the bedroom. That would certainly be the most logical thing for the friend to do. All of these five or six logical scenarios would have foiled Cosby’s rape plans. He would have ended up drugging the woman for no purpose.
Here we have the crux of the problem that shows this to be not only a fictional story, but bad fiction. It is Hefner’s absurd offering of an empty spare bedroom in response to an unknown guest becoming sick. The offering of the bedroom only exists to solve a plot problem. Cosby has drugged the woman, but we have to get her to a place where Cosby can rape her. Goins solves the problem stupidly by saying that Hefner offered a spare bedroom. not only is it an unusual thing to offer to a suddenly sick woman looking for a bathroom, but whether any of the four bedrooms were empty is knowledge he almost certainly wouldn’t possess at that moment. Goins has imagined a small party in a small house, where the host would immediately know that a bedroom was empty.
The only way the scenario makes sense is if Hefner planned the rape with Cosby. Hefner must have known that Cosby would drug the woman. He also must have ordered that a bedroom be kept empty for Cosby to rape the woman in. Thus, in order to believe Goins, we have to believe that Hefner is an equal partner, although not a participant in Cosby’s rape.
The only problem is that now we have to imagine why Hefner, who has claimed to have slept with 5,000 women would want to help Bill Cosby rape a girl that neither of them knows. Why would he let it be done at a bedroom in the Playboy mansion, where an awakened raped girl could have started screaming rape and ten security guards would have rushed to her aid. Now, from having one demon rapist, we have two demon rapists working in cahoots. Even, Hefner, the prince in the story that Chloe got to meet, turns out to be a demon rapist.

Anyways, when we analyze the story, we clearly see that it is a made up fiction, a psychopathic version Cinderella at the Ball story, and we can judge it to be a lie.

The police and everybody else who read her story should have known that Ms. Goins was lying by simply taking time to analyze the absurd details. The thousands of racist mass media sites that have repeated her accusations should be held accountable for their crime of repeating this slander against Dr. Cosby.

Bill Cosby in History and the Demon Bill Cosby Myth

Chloe Goins

Chloe Goins

Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac

Last week, on Jan. 14. 2014, model and former teen prostitute Chloe Goins accused Bill Cosby of drugging her, striping her naked and sucking on her toes while masturbating at a Playboy Mansion Party attended by 800 people on November 9, 2008. She was 18 and Cosby was 71 years old at the time of the alleged incident.

That same day, that Goins claims this happened, November 9, 2008, the popular African-American comedian Bernie Mac died. This is from reminiscence by Ellen Gray in the Philadelphia Daily News that was published two days later. It talks about Mac and Cosby.

The man who began life as Bernard McCullough spent most of it telling stories, and he knew which ones he wanted to tell, and how to tell them.

You don’t really interview people like that so much as you turn on your recorder and let them talk. And in the winter of 2002, as McCullough held court with about a dozen reporters in the lounge of a Pasadena, Calif., hotel, here’s a bit of what we heard:
On why he was a comedian: “I’m an entertainer. I loooove making people happy. That’s what got me in this business. I saw my mother crying. And I asked my mother, ‘Now why you crying?’ And she told me, ‘Nothing.’ And as soon as she said that, Ed Sullivan said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Cosby.’ I was about 4 or 5 years old. Bill Cosby came out and I never will forget it, he did a routine about snakes in the bathroom. And my mother started laughing and crying at the same time. And when I saw my mother . . . laugh, I started laughing. And I started wiping her face, and I told my mama, I said, ‘Mom, that’s what I’m going to be, I’m going to be a comedian so you’ll never have to cry again.’ “

I believe Bernie Mac’s story.

quote from Ellen Gray: Bernie Mac, on life, love and his mama, Philadelphia Daily News (PA) – August 11, 2008