This is a preliminary article. I will be adding footnotes and expanding it in a few days when I have more time.

The lies of the Cosby Accusers are terrible in two senses, first the damage it is doing for race relations in the United States. Dr. Cosby has been a great leader for over 50 years in bringing people of all races together through laughter. That Legacy is being destroyed, as Felicia Rashad suggested[i] “‘This is about the obliteration of a legacy’ Second is fact that these women are terrible liars, in the sense of not being good at lying. They constantly change their stories and contradict themselves, often saying too much about the drugging and/or sexual assault, but not enough about other aspects of the incident/s. This raises suspicions and their attempts to explain away the serious problems are often ad-hock and don’t really answer the objections.

The accusers are also sad in two ways. First their personal situations are sad, many are or were in desperate situations, often mentally disturbed, broke, and unemployed. Some are doing it for publicity to try to regain lost fame. Some are simply racists. Some are women who have been abused by men in a sexist society all their lives and are getting some kind of revenge. Some have mixtures of these motives and perhaps others. They represent the sadness and loneliness of aging in a society that generally glorifies and misleads the young and ignores the old. One hears the sadness of their lives in their stories. Besides being people in sad life stories, they are people who have chosen to put themselves in a terrible situation where they must try to get people to believe stories about the Demon Cosby, stories they have invented. The liar must always be on his guard, always ready to invent new stories to cover the falsehoods in the old ones. The liar is never secure or at ease.

This series will examine many of the accusers. The first one chosen is Kristina Ruehli. She is not the first accuser, but she does bring the oldest allegation, claiming to have been the earliest victim of Bill Cosby in 1965. She first told her story in 2005, being one of the 12 “Jane Does” in the Constand lawsuit. However she never testified in court as the case was settled out of court. She did not reveal her name or tell her story to the public until November, 2014. She is unique in that she actually identifies the date of her attack, December 12, 1965. This makes her quite different from Tamara Green who has identified her attack as happening in 1975, or the early 1970’s, or when she was “19 years old,” which would have been 1968.

Kristina Ruehli 2005 Jane Doe and 2014 Accuser

Kristina Ruehli 2005 Jane Doe and 2014 Accuser

She is also unique in having quickly discredited herself by giving two seriously different accounts In her first magazine and television interviews

In an interview in Philadelphia Magazine on November 21, 2014[ii], Kristina Ruehli, says that she was all alone at Bill Cosby’s house where he attempted to assault her. The very next day, she gave an interview in New Hampshire on NH1 television[iii] in which she said that there was another woman in the house, an actress that she came with and she believed that Bill Cosby had raped this other woman before her. Cosby wasn’t interested in raping her, because he had already raped this other woman that night. She was not going to reveal the name of the actress because she has not come forward.

Perhaps, the amazing thing is that Ms. Ruehl in 50 years apparently never thought to ask this woman if Bill Cosby had done anything to her and even now has never asked her if he did anything to her, although she could collaborate her story instantly.

If I was a reporter interviewing Ms. Ruehli,  I would ask her this:  if you were not alone at the house as you claim in the NI1 interview, why did you tell the Philadelphia magazine that you were alone? How can anyone believe you after you say in one interview that you were alone and the very next day claim you were not alone?

Also, Ms. Ruehli says that she took 2 bourbon and sevens from Mr. Cosby in an 8 ounce glass, but she insists that this could not have made her pass out. She contends that she must have been drugged.

Ms. Ruehl claims that she was a Barbara Eden lookalike. Barbara Eden was 5’4″ and weighed 120 lbs. 1965. Apparently Ms. Ruehl does not know that 2 bourbon and sevens with 3 ounces of 90 proof bourbon, given to a 120 lb. woman, is the equivalent of about five drinks. This would have made her legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .28, which actually would put her in an alcoholic stupor. This causes “General inertia; approaching loss of motor function, markedly decreased response to stimuli,marked muscular incoordination; inability to stand or walk, vomiting; incontinence, Impaired consciousness; sleep or stupor.” Ms. Ruehl, a non-drinker, admits that she willingly took enough alcohol to pass out, but insists, that she’s Irish and attended college keggers, so the drinks could not have had that effect on her.

It is also amazing that after 50 years Ms. Ruehli can remember the size of the glass that she drank out of down to the ounce. She says that she never told anybody until 2005. That is 40 years without communicating the story to anybody and yet she can be sure of the size of the drink, at least so sure as to be willing to testify against him in a civil suit.

Ms. Ruehli can remember the size of the drink, but she claims that she can’t remember the location of the house. She says it was Belmont, Bel Air or some place starting with a “B”.

Ms. Ruehl, in the New Hampshire interview, also accidentally gives the probable reason she made up her drug and sexual assault accusation. She was watching Chris Hayes and he said that it was “white women” who were making the accusations. She decided right there and then to come forward. In other words, Ms. Ruehl was incensed that a black man was believed instead of white women. This is the reason she came forward in 2014, but it also explains perhaps, why she became a Jane Doe in 2005. For her accusing a black man of rape was just her duty defending white women.

This is an article in progress and more will be added this week as I get a chance. To be continued…