Nipsey Russell in 1973 at Don Rickles Roast. He appeared with Louisa Moritz on Aug. 23, 1971 on the Tonight Show. Moritz claimed Cosby was a guest on the Tonight Show when he propositioned her. Cosby was not there that night, but Russell was? Could Moritz have confused Cosby and Russell?

Nipsey Russell in 1973 at Don Rickles Roast. He appeared with Louisa Moritz on Aug. 23, 1971 on the Tonight Show. Moritz claimed that Cosby was a guest on the show with her when he offered to make her a star and sexually assaulted her. Cosby was not a guest that night. Could Moritz have confused Cosby and Russell?

Louisa Moritz in "Last American Virgin" 1982

Louisa Moritz in “Last American Virgin” 1982

Louisa Moritz was 58 years old when she was admitted to the California Bar to practice law on November 24, 2004.(1) It seemed that her career in television and movies playing “ditzy blondes” was over.

Seven weeks later, on January 13, 2005, 31 year old Andrea Constand filed a charge with the Durham, Ontario, Canada police against Bill Cosby charging that he had possibly drugged her and touched her breast and put her hand on his penis one year previously (2). Two weeks later, on January 28, 2005, Tamara Green a 57 year old lawyer,  after seeing a report of the Constand case on television, gave a statement by phone to a Montgomery County detective claiming that Cosby had also drugged and perhaps assaulted her (3). Green was on numerous television shows and gave numerous interviews. The media did not reveal that at the time she filed the complaint, Tamara Green was under investigation by the California Bar for 13 counts of misconduct for stealing $20,000 from three client (3) the California  Bar suspended Green’s license a year later and said that Green was mentally ill and had not gone for the treatment they recommended.

Louisa Moritz, although now a lawyer and almost certainly aware of the accusations against Cosby, did not come forward in 2005-2006 with any information that she had regarding Cosby. After Constand and Green charges were widely publicized in the media in 2005, three other accusers, Barbara Bowman (5), Beth Ferrier (6) and Shawn Upton (7) all claimed they had possibly been drugged and possibly molested by Cosby. At this time, she did not come forward with any accusation against Dr. Cosby.

Nobody, except these five woman accused Dr. Cosby of anything between 2006 and 2014. Moritz was part of the second wave of accusers in November, 2014. She gave an exclusive interview to TMZ on Nov. 20th, 2014, claiming that Cosby had promised to make her a big star, while she was in the Green Room on the Tonight Show in 1971. She said that he said that after promising to help make him a star, he put his penis into her mouth(8).

Moritz was 25 years old. Her father and brother were lawyers. Here was a man whom she had never met coming into her dressing room before she was to go on the most important late night show in the United States. In a few minutes without her consent, he exposes himself and forces her to put his penis in her mouth. One would have imagined that she would be shocked by this action and immediately go to the nearest security guard and report the attack by an obviously insane Cosby.

In August of 1971, Cosby was telling the press, that he was leaving show business to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a High School Teacher. He had sold his Hollywood mansion and had bought a house near the University of Massachusetts. He had enrolled there to complete his education.

According to IMDB, Cosby was never on the Tonight show with her. A reporter named Patrick Howley called her at home about the discrepancy (9):

Moritz admitted that she wasn’t actually sure what year the alleged assault occurred.

“I think it was the year,” Moritz told TheDC.

“I was on the same episode,” Moritz said. “When they called my name and he went out. He went out when they called my name and he said ‘Hi.’”

“I’m not sure exactly when it was but my attorney was looking for that,” Moritz added. “I’m not sure because I’m in bed and I’m tired.”

Moritz was only on the Tonight Show three times in the Summer of 1971. What is perhaps most amazing is that Moritz never bothered to check if Cosby was actually on the Tonight Show with her before making her accusation.

At the time of her first appearance, on the show in N.Y., July 23, 1971, Cosby was in Washington D.C. performing a concert with Ray Charles (10). He was apparently in L.A. filming the movie “Hickey and Boggs” starting August 16, 1971 (11) (12)(13). The fact that Cosby was shooting a film directed by his best friend, Robert Culp at the time does not mean that Cosby could not have flown to New York one week after shooting started.  However, one should remember that there were thousands of young starlets in L.A. at that time and the only film that Moritz had been in was a universally panned soft-core porn feature called “The Man From O.R.G.Y.” She had done some commercials and a few episodes of television comedy shows as well. It is hard to imagine that he would have been so enamored with her performances that he would fly ten-twelve hours to New York (13), tell her how he was going to make her a star, put his penis in her mouth, tell her that he would be upset if she told anyone, and then flown ten to twelve hours back to L.A..

From Moritz’ side the accusation is incredible that after suddenly being sexually assaulted by a man she had never met, she calmly walked out on a National Television Show and did a comedy routine and never told anybody for 43 years.

From Cosby’s side the accusation is even more unbelievable. The budget for the entire “Hickey and Boggs” film was one million dollars. He was certainly making the film for scale, as a favor to his friend, Robert Culp who was directing his first movie. Assuming that he had become infatuated with Moritz for some reason, he had to fly ten-twelve hours to New York(14). How could he have known that when he arrived he would find Moritz alone at the Tonight Show and offer her stardom. If he was just attacking a random woman in the Green Room, how could he have known that she was an actress interested in stardom? She could have been a scientist being interviewed on the Tonight Show for a new discovery.

Thus the public record proves that Moritz is not correct in her accusation that Cosby was on the show with her and the story seems absurd and fantastic when we look at the supposed actions of Moritz and Cosby as she describes them.

Further, one might ask why she said that the attacker merely put his penis in her mouth and did not have oral sex with her. In the telling of the story, Moritz does not explain why the attacker didn’t force her to have oral sex with her. She explains how Cosby forced her head, but doesn’t explain if she pulled her head away or if he pulled his penis out . It seems amazing that a man could have such control that he wouldn’t force her to continue with oral sex once he had put his penis in his mouth.

The answer is most likely because Ms. Moritz, who gave her story to TMZ on the November 20th had heard of Ms. Joan Tarshis’ interview on CNN on November 18th. She had accused Cosby of forcing Cosby to have oral sex with her in 1969. In the interviewer, the reporter asked her why she didn’t bite his penis. Tarshis answered, “I didn’t even think of it.” The answer made Tarshis sound either stupid or the sex was really consensual (15). Moritz, now a lawyer, did not want to remiind people of her ditzy blond image that she had as an actress and claim that she also did not think of it. Therefore, she denied any oral sex at all. She does not seem to realize that this makes Cosby sound more like a bad movie villain than a human being.

It is also noteworthy that she was on the Tonight Show with a black comedian named Nipsey Russell. Nipsey Russell was as famous and popular as Cosby (16) at the time and he looks quite a bit like Cosby. It is possible that she engaged in sex with Russell and has simply misremembered it as being Cosby. Nipsey Russell died in Oct. 2005. This was 10 months after Constand filed her charges against Cosby. If Moritz had declared Cosby had assaulted her on the Tonight Show. Russell could have come forward and declared that it was not Cosby who was on the Tonight Show, but him.

Apparently, Moritz had been having some legal difficulties shortly before she came forward with her charge against Dr. Cosby. According to CNN(17):

She received as a disciplinary measure a “public reproval” in 2013 after taking a legal fee for work that was not performed. She refunded the fee after the client complained to the bar, according to documents.

In September, Moritz, who is 68, did not respond to a notice of disciplinary charges and as a result, a court recommended her disbarment.

CNN made multiple calls to numbers listed for Moritz, and has not been able to reach her.



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(12) The baseball game that the pair subsequently attend actually took place several weeks before the football game – on August 18, 1971 – at Dodger Stadium, at Chavez Ravine, in Los Angeles.