Fascist Feminism may use terms that sound vaguely Marxist, but like the Nazis, their definitions of those terms were the opposite of things that Marxists embraced.
If one does a Marxist analysis of who has been supporting and spreading Fascist-feminism over the last 50 years, it is the most reactionary elements in the United States Government and the wealthiest corporations in America.
I also do not believe it is postmodernist, but absolutely primitive, spiritualist and anti-modern.


1. Introduction

I shall argue that Social Justice Identity Politics — whose advocates are sometimes called “Social justice warriors” or SJWs, to use the nice pejorative — is not Marxist. This not because of any great sympathy from my part towards Marxism. Far from it. I am a centrist, or centre-left, liberal. However, the conflation of SJW with Marxism seems to me not only confused, but also, in some respects, highly counter-productive.

First, I define the terms as I understand them.

Marxism: a universalist, rationalist, egalitarianinternationalist and (allegedly) scientific account of human alienation and oppression under a capitalist economic system, in which the means of production is owned by a certain class within society (the owners of capital and/or the bourgeoisie) and productive work is done by a separate class (the proletariat), under conditions of “wage-slavery”, exploitation and misery, and the…

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