Bill Cosby's Second Album from 1964

Bill Cosby’s Second Album from 1964

I have been looking at the developmental stages of the Cosby Demon Myth. There are a number of stages.
I think the political attacks against Cosby for not being militant enough and not doing racial jokes as most other black comedians were doing in the 60’s and 70’s is an important stage. Cosby was pushing integration and racial equality peace and harmony, at the same time he was celebrating black culture. He is really the link between Dr. Martin Luther King and President Obama. Through his television shows, he actually created an incredible reversal of the racist image of blacks in American society.
However, the traitor charge would be revived in 2004 when he criticized rap music and gangster culture. He was criticized as a traitor by both whites and black for blaming poor blacks for their lifestyle choices instead of blaming racism and poverty. He was seen as both a hero and a traitor to his race.
I think this ambiguity is important. Today it is really hard to determine the message of the Jesus character. Was he a revolutionary political Jewish nationalist or a social reformer?

The political issues with Cosby are just the background to the Demon Cosby Myth.
I have identified three stages in that myth: 1) bad man Cosby, 2) trickster Cosby, 3) Demon Cosby.
These three stages come one after another in time

Bad man Cosby stage – 1998 -2000

1998. Autumn Jackson tries to extort $40 million dollars from Cosby, claiming she is his illegitimate daughter and threatening to reveal it to the world. Her mother Shawn Brown backs up the story. Cosby admits to a brief affair with Shawn Brown in the 1970’s.
2000. Lachelle Covington, 20 year old regular Church goer, after an acting audition with Cosby, goes to the police with her parents and claims Cosby put her hand under his sweatshirt and “started to move it south.” Since no sexual contact occurred by Covington’s own admission, the police quickly dismissed the complaint. The following week Covington’s father sold the story of how Cosby terrified his daughter and attempted to seduce her.

Trickster Cosby stage – 2005-2006
Five women claim Cosby drugged them and either may have had sex with them when they passed out. One said that she awoke to find Cosby trying to kiss and undress her. She said that she would rather die than have sex with him and threatened to throw a lamp at him, before he left. Each of them described one incident. None of them stated that sex took place. Cosby had simply tricked them (drugged them) where sex might have taken place. These accusers were Andrea Constand (who claimed the incident had happened 1 year before)Tamara Green (claimed it had happened 30 years before), Shawn Brown (mother of Autumn Jackson) who had been involved in the 1998 extortion (claimed it had happened 30 years before), Beth Ferrier and Barbara Bowman (two models from the same Denver modeling agency. They both said Jo Farrell, the head of the agency, introduced them to Cosby and sent them to New York (20 years before). Farrell categorically denied introducing any model to Cosby or sending any model to New York. Beth Ferrier additonally claims that she had a brief consensual affair with Cosby before the one drug and possible sexual assault charge. The brief consensual affair really belongs with the “bad man stage.” Only now, instead of Shawn Brown’s claim of an extramarital affair with a woman Cosby’s own age, Ferrier now claims an extramarital affair with a woman 20 years younger).

Transition to Demon stage
A trickster just tricks people for fun. A demon actually harms people because they are intrinsically evil. Barbara Bowman told a trickster story of being drugged and waking up vomiting into a toilet with Cosby holding her hair. She doesn’t remember what happened, but she remembers wearing a different shirt. To this Bowman adds a story of Cosby and her getting into a fight a few weeks later in a hotel room and Cosby throwing her on a bed and unbuckling his belt buckle. She says that she will never forget the sound of that belt buckle unbuckling. She continued to struggle and Cosby lets her go. In a way this resembles Tamara Green story, but Tamara Green claims she woke up after being drugged and struggled with Cosby. Here there is no drugging and Cosby seems to have a magical belt. (ironically, this seems to be a reference to a magical belt that Bill Cosby talked about his father having on his comedy album “To Russell, my brother whom I slept with”. We are now just starting to make a transition from a trickster to a demon.

Demon stage. November 2014 – Present
Bowman repeats her charges in a Washington Post editorial. Now, the story changes and she was also drugged before the hotel bed throwing incident. Bowman now changes her story.
and adds a consensual affair with Cosby just as model Ferrier had claimed in 2005. Only her consensual affair involved multiple drugging and rapes. In the editorial, she rhetorically asks why did nobody believe me for 30 years.
Two Days later, the first new accuser in nine years steps forward, Joan Tarshis. She tells of two separate incidents, like Bowman did in 2006, but she reverses them. Now the first incident is one of drugging and forced oral sex. Cosby is here a trickster-Demon. Like Bowman, she also meets with Cosby a few weeks later, and this time we get a simple drug-wake up in his bedroom not remembering anything story.
After this, the floodgate open and some 30 women accuse Cosby with “bad man” stories, “trickster stories” and “demon stories”. Most of the accusers are models and actresses with histories of mental illness. There histories are never mentioned by the racist and sexist mass media who repeat their stories over and over again.

At the same time, media pundits write stories taking trivial incidents in Cosby’s life which they claim prove the charges against him, most famously a four minute comedy bit wherein Cosby makes fun of the aphrodisiac “Spanish Fly.” Political columnists also bring up Cosby’s past as a supposed traitor to blacks.

Certain insane activist groups pushing rape hysteria use the Demon Cosby Myth to demand that all women be believed in all rape cases, which would give all women the power to jail any man at will. Other ignorant white power groups use it to recruit by saying that they were right about blacks being animals all along. The Cosby Demon Myth is where insanity meets stupidity.