Today's New Cosby Accusers

I want to thank these brave women for coming out. They have given me the courage to do what I must do.

After reading that Cosby’s first accuser in 2005, Andrea Constand, sued Bill Cosby for $150 million dollars and got some kind of out-of-court settlement, I suddenly remembered that I too was raped by Bill Cosby. It was January 18, 1961 and I went to see Bill Cosby at the Bottom Line in Greenwich Village. There were about 157 people there. I was surprised when Cosby appeared on-stage in only his bathrobe. He had a wild look in his eyes. This was not the Bill Cosby I knew or expected. This was a different Bill Cosby than I had ever known, completely different from the Bill Cosby who had been mentoring me in comedy acting in his home for several years. He promised to put me in all seven of the network television shows he was planning to star in.

He said that he was going to try something a little different tonight. He bought everybody in the room cups of cappuccino. When I said I didn’t want to drink it because cappuccino had the effects of Spanish Fly on me, he just scowled, “Don’t be a baby.”  I instantly knew after the first sip that I had been drugged. I woke up four hours later in the parking lot. My clothes were disheveled and my underwear was pulled up and I was wearing a Bruce Springsteen tee-shirt. I did not even own a Bruce Springsteen tee-shirt! Because of all the accusers that have come before me, I am now sure that he raped all 157 people at that performance.

I do not want anything from Bill Cosby, but I do want people to believe me. I would also like to hear from a lawyer who is willing to start a $150 million dollar lawsuit on behalf of myself and the 156 who were there. I am willing to settle for only $50 million dollars. The lawyer would get $10 million to be split between myself and the other victims. However since I am the first to come forward, I think that my share should be at least $20 million. I was going to be a comedian, but this performance ruined my life. I saw nothing funny about comedy after this tragic episode.

I was too ashamed to tell anybody about this. I did write it in my diary, but that was lost in the New Orleans Hurricane in 2006 and I am sure nobody will ever find it. I did tell my cat and more than ten cats that I have had since that time.

I am not sure if the incident actually happened on January 18, 1961. You cannot expect someone to remember these details after such a traumatic experience. It may have been February 18th, or it may have been in 1960, or 1962. If Cosby was not playing at the Bottom Line in those years, it might have been in the 1970’s or 1980’s. It may not have been at the Bottom Line, but some other club, maybe not New York, but in Denver or L.A. or Las Vegas. I remember that exactly.

Please don’t think I am making this up for the money, I don’t care about the money. The $20 million dollars will never make up for what that man did to me. I am proud to become the 648th accuser of Bill Cosby. I urge all of you who were in the audience that night to come forward and speak out and join my lawsuit. Again, I have no reason for saying this, except that it is the truth.

I posted this three days ago and today I got my first phone call from a lawyer offering to represent me. Why did it take so long for people to believe me?