It is perhaps the first job of government to protect its innocent citizens from violent deaths. The organization that prevents the United States government from doing its basic job is the NRA (National Rifle Association). If it were not for the NRA, the government would have responded to the most basic need of its people long ago and instituted the necessary gun control restrictions to stop the epidemic of gun violence in the United States

How responsible is the NRA for this epidemic. We can get a reasonable idea by comparing the results if the United States had the same strict gun control laws as in countries such as Japan and the United Kingdom which have responded to the needs of its citizens with strict gun control laws.

The following statistics are from

In Japan (pop: 127 million), where there is strong gun control, the number of gun homicides in 2008 was 11.

In the United Kingdom (pop: 63 million), where there is less strong gun control, in 2008, the number of gun deaths was 32, about 6.5 times the rate of Japan.

In the United States (pop: 315 Million) where there is less gun control than any industrialized nation, the number was 12.179 gun homicides. Since the population of the United States is approximately 2.5 times the population of Japan, we should times the Japanese 11 murders by 2.5 to get 28 murders for 2008, if Japan was the population size of the United. To get the number of times greater the gun homicide rate in the United States is, we divide 12,179 by 28 to get 435. The murder rate in the United States with lax gun control is approximately 435 times greater than the murder rate of Japan with strict gun control.

For Great Britain the murder rate is 6.5 times greater than Japan, so we can divide 435 by 6.5 to get a U.S. rate of 67 times greater than Great Britain. The gun homicide rate is about 67 times greater in the United States than in Great Britain.

We cannot hold the NRA responsible for every gun homicide in the United States. We can only say that by preventing strict gun control laws as in Japan, for every 435 gun homicides, the NRA is responsible for 434 of them. Dividing 435 by 435, we get 99.7% Thus, by preventing strict gun control laws as in Japan, the NRA is responsible for 99.7% of gun homicides in the United States.

By preventing somewhat less strict gun control as in Great Britain, the NRA is responsible for 66 out of every 67 gun deaths. This gives us a rate of 98.5%. Using this fact, the NRA would only be responsible for 98.5% of the gun deaths.

By preventing gun control laws somewhere between Great Britain and Japan’s gun control laws, the NRA is responsible for 98.5 to 99.7% of the gun homicides in the United States.

It is true that the NRA is not responsible for every gun death in the United States. They are only responsible for somewhere between 98.5% and 99.7% of them.