Romney lies outrageously when he says that President Obama made cuts to Medicare. Obama actually created savings for Medicare. With the Affordable Care Act, people without insurance that would be covered by Medicare are covered by insurance provided by the Affordable Care Act. Thus people get the same coverage and the Medicare program saves money, some $700 billion over ten years. People get the same services and the cost to Medicare is less. These are savings, not “cuts.”

What Romney/Ryan proposes is actually billions of dollars in cuts in Medicare, where people will get less services for the money spent..

Consider these two cases.

1. I expect to pay $23,000 for a certain car (for example, a Toyota Prius). When I go to a dealer, the car I want costs $30,000. The dealer offers me an inferior car (for example, a Toyota Yaris) for $23,000. In this case there has been a real “cut” in what I am getting for my money.

2. A car I want costs $30,000. A dealer down the street offers me the same car for $23,000. In this case I am receiving the same car and I have saved $7,000. This is a savings.

Case #1 is Romney/Ryan’s plan – real cuts in what people will get for the money spent. Case #2 is what President Obama’s plan has done – real savings and no cuts in services.

By calling President Obama’s savings “cuts” and their plan “savings,” Romney/Ryan are simply lying. This is almost as bad as the terrible crime of sacrificing poor, elderly people’s health, while enriching the rich (themselves) with tax cuts.