Besides the obvious solution of working and voting for Democrats who support gun control and eliminating every single Republican from the House and Senate (every single one fights against gun control), I have a another solution.

This tragedy affects every single movie goer in the United States. I believe every movie goer has a right to compensation. They have been adversely affected by this event. Who will ever go to a movie again for the next few years without feeling discomfort and fear. The people responsible for producing this discomfort and fear should pay for it.

The people responsible are the leaders of the National Rifle Association. The NRA has fought consistently to prevent gun control laws that could have averted this tragedy. The facts are clear and overwhelming that gun control works. One has only to look at the countries that have strong gun control laws to see that they have much lower violent death rates and no massacres.  The link between gun control and lower violent death rates is as scientifically proven as the link between smoking and cancer.  Any reasonable jury when presented with the facts would understand this and see the connection.

I suggest that all movies goers join in a class action suit against the National Rifle Association. The 100 million movie goers should be entitled to at least $20 each for the harm caused to them by this incident. The National Rifle Association should be sued for at least $2 billion for enabling the Colorado Movie Massacre.

I hope that some courageous lawyers will take this case and organize this class action law suit.