Cain dramatically Almost Breaks Down Thinking About his Inauguration as President and His Wife holding a Bible

This is Cain’s advice from his book Speak as a Leader: Develop the Better Speaker in You:

* expect the unexpected and be prepared to remain calm and professional.
* There is no such thing as off the record.
* Think sound bites and plan some ahead of time if you know the topic to be discussed.
* Say it over and over.

Cain has choked up and held back tears at least three times in two days. Each of “the choking ups” have been in regard to his wife and family.

1. WMUR New Hampshire Interview:

2012 Republican firebrand Herman Cain exposed his vulnerable side yesterday, nearly breaking down into tears during an interview with the New Hampshire radio station WMUR.

When asked how he would feel on his hypothetical inauguration day, Cain was visibly moved, choking up and replying: “I almost can’t say it. Holding the Bible when I’m sworn in. It’s emotional.”

It is a surprising emotional outburst for the typically brash candidate, who tends to stick to anger and/or enthusiasm on the campaign train, even in the face of damning sexual harassment allegations and harsh criticism over his gaffes/general lack of experience.

2 and 3: Republican Debate, November 19, 2011

During Saturday night’s Thanksgiving Family Forum, GOP contender Herman Cain choked up as he talked about a health crisis from his past.

Debate moderator Frank Luntz asked the candidates to describe a personal challenge they had endured, and Cain related the story of finding out that he had stage 4 colon cancer in 2006.

The Des Moines Register transcribed the exchange:

“I will never forget,” Cain began, “walking out of that surgeons office after she had just told us stage four …”

And then Cain paused. His eyes began to water.

Moderator Frank Luntz interjected: “Take your time.”

“It’s as bad as it gets,” Cain continued. “I will never forget before my wife and I were about to get in the car I said, I can do this…’

Cain paused again. The audience remained silent.

“She said, ‘We,’ ” Cain finished.

Cain’s hands covered his face. The audience erupted in applause. As Texas Gov. Rick Perry fielded the next question, Cain removed his glasses and continually cleared his eyes with a handkerchief.

Cain also fought back tears when he spoke about how he had not spent enough time with his children.

Note that Cain is not getting emotional over the suffering of billions of people in the world living in poverty. He is not getting emotional over the 50,000 U.S. citizens, including many children who will die this year because they can’t afford decent health care or health insurance. He is getting emotional over his relationship with his wife and family.

Cain has written a book on how to give effective speeches and has given several thousand speeches over the last 25 years. It is hard to believe that these choke-ups are not a deliberate rhetorical tactic to aid his campaign.