Dan Uggla is the first player since 2006 to have a 31 game hitting streak. This tells us that it is unusual, but not just how amazing it is.

According to the chart at Baseball Almanac, at 31 games, Dan Uggla now has the 35th best hitting streak since 1880. It is even more impressive if we just count the last 100 years. Since 1911, only 19 baseball players have had  better hitting streaks and 8 tied with 31. Of the 27 players with 31 game hitting streaks, in the last 100 years, eighteen of them are .300 or better lifetime hitters. Uggla has the lowest career batting average at .258.  Ken Landreaux at .268 is the next lowest.

It seemed that Uggla’s major league career was on the verge of ending on July 5th when he was batting just .173 before his streak began. It is hard to imagine when the first half of a season has been so bad for a player and the second half so good. Great hitters  (Joe DiMaggio, Stan Musial, Pete Rose, George Brett, Vladimir Guerrero, Albert Pujols, etc. ) usually have one such streak in their careers and occasionally, about once a decade, a good hitter will have such a streak. Dan Uggla has only been an average hitter and that is what makes this streak so amazing. In the last 100 years, no other average hitter has had such a streak. Hooray for the average guy!