This is a fictional Short Story entitled “Osama’s Deathbed Conversion”

Osama was lying in bed thinking. At 54, he had lived with a diseased kidney for the past ten years, and there was little else for him to do, but think. The upside was that for the first time in his life, he could study religious text. Having been recruited by the C.I.A. to fight against communism in Afghanistan at the age of 22, he had little opportunity for real study of religion. Most of his ideas were based on manuals on guerrilla warfare that the C.I.A. had supplied him with when they taught him to lead a guerrilla war in Afghanistan against the socialists in the 1980’s.

In 1990, when the United States launched a war against Iraq from his homeland Saudi Arabia, he realized for the first time that the United States was as anti-Islamic as the Soviet Union. He understood that he had been used. He turned everything he had learned against the United States.

His reading of the Koran had led him to the reading of other religious text. He had realized that only with an understanding of the Christian Bible could he hope to really understand the Koran. He read it every day for a year and was amazed. He decided that Jesus Christ was not just a prophet, but he was the Son of God. Osama embraced Jesus in his heart. He had made the decision to repent and become a Christian. He would announce to all his Muslim followers that Jesus Christ was the true Lord and the acceptance of Jesus was the true way for all Muslims. He felt sure that millions, maybe tens of millions would listen to him. But before this, there was something he must do.
There was a secret operation that he had planned in the event of his death. There was an atomic weapon that his followers had smuggled into Washington D.C. He called his wife into the room with him. He was about to tell her that the weapon must be dismantled. He was about to tell her that it must not be used in the event of his death as planned or ever. Just as he was about to tell her, he heard explosions and gunfire. Suddenly, commandos burst into the room. He yellowed “La” the Arabic word for “No.” At that moment a bullet pierced through his left eye and in less than a second all consciousness was gone.