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Hartmann is correct that the tax cut given to the East India Company was an important aspect of the Tea Party. With the tax cut the East India Company could import Tea cheaper than the pirates could and drive the Tea Pirates out of business. However, the Tea was still taxed on its transport to England, so the Colonists still considered the fact that this was taxed tea the real problem. It was still an indirect tax on them and they did not have representatives in the British Parliament who had voted for the tax. Taxation without representation was the real issue for them. We have representative government today, so the issue for today’s Teabaggers is quite different. It is the issue of taxation with representation that they oppose. It is democracy itself that they oppose. Thus the Teabaggers of today are 100% against the ideals of the those who threw the Tea into Boston Harbor.

The people who threw the 90,000 lbs. of tea from the East India Company into the Boston Harbor risked their lives. It was not for tax cuts, but for an ideal. That ideal was representative government – Democracy.