Freedom from Fear of Being Murdered by a Gun is a Human Right


America has a gun homicide rate about 15 times greater than Australia. Australians have been protected from the tragic gun madness of the USA by our stricter gun laws. The stricter laws were enacted in Australia after 32 were murdered by shooters in 1987, 41 were murdered by shooters in 1996 and two were murdered by a shooter in 1992.

The main consequence of the stricter gun controls is that now Australia’s annual gun death rate is only about one third of what it was during the previous two to three decade period when shooter groups dominated government thinking in developing gun laws.

Mass Shootings Eliminated After Strong Gun Control in Arizona

The strongest gun control laws in the world were instituted in 1996 in response to a gun massacre at Port Arthur which killed 33 people. In Australia, there were 11 mass shootings (shootings involving the deaths of 4 or more people), in which 112 people were killed in the ten years prior to the imposition of strict gun control. In the 14 years since, the number of mass shootings has dropped to zero. (

Compare the number of mass shootings in recent years in the United States to Australia (http://pol­­m/truth-o-­meter/stat­ements/201­1/jan/11/p­ierre-thom­as/week-re­port-says-­hundreds-h­ave-died-m­ultiple-vi­cti/)
• 2007: U.S. 23, Australia 0
• 2008: U.S. 29, Australia 0
• 2009: U.S. 27, Australia 0

The number of gun homicides in Australia has dropped every year since the adoption of strict gun control from 1996 to 2008 with the exception of 2000 and 2003. In 2008 it reached a low of 19 from the 1996 level of 104. (2008 was the last year for which I could find statistics – In Arizona, there were 323 gun homicides in 2008. The population of Australia is 22.5 million and the population of Arizona is 6.5 million. Thus Arizona with less than 1/3rd the population, had over 15 times the number of gun homicides. (