There is a lot of season to go, but I think right now the best choice for most valuable player is Amare Stoudemire. His major statistics 26.2 points, 9 rebounds, 2.5 Assists can be matched by half a dozen other players.  These include Kevin Durant: 27.9/6.3/3, Lebron James: 24.8/6.8/7.3, Camelo Anthony: 24.3/8.5/3.2, Derek Rose: 23.8/4.5/8.3, Dwight Howard: 21.4/13.2/1.2, and Blake Griffin 21.7/12.7/3.3.

However, what he has meant to his new team, New York, and what his departure has meant to his old team, Phoenix, is beyond the impact of any other single player. In 2009, the Knicks were 29 and 53 (.354%) without Amare. With him this year, they are 20 and 14 (.588%). The Phoenix Suns last year were 54 and 28 (.659%) with him, without him this year they are 14 and 19 (.424%). The only other player that has really had a compatible impact is Lebron James. His old team, Cleveland, has fallen without him from 61 and 21 (.744) to 8 and 27 (.229). His new team, Miami, has gone up from 47 and 35 (.573) to 28 and 9 (.757). However, the addition of Chris Bosh (18.4/8.2/1.9) to Miami has certainly also contributed to their increased. Dwyane Wade (25/6.5/4.2) is having another great year and has almost kept pace with James. The only player who can be given real credit for the Knicks success, besides Stoudemire is Raymond Felton (18.2/3.7/8.7).

With pretty equal statistics, the quality of value to a team has to be the deciding factor. Without Stoudemire, the Knicks would be struggling for the 8th play-off spot in the East instead of battling Atlanta for the 5th play-off spot. Without James, Miami would still be battling Boston for first place in the East.