Let us say that there are two candidates called “A” and “B” and 10 voters. I control all the information that 6 of those voters receive. Every time they turn on their television they see an ad denouncing “A” as a thief, big spender, extremist, and supporting “B” as an experienced, friendly pal who gets things done. Every time these six voters go to their mailbox they get mail denouncing “A” and supporting “B”. They also get ten phone calls a day with the same message. Under these circumstances, when candidate “B” wins, can we really say that there has been a fair and free election.
Rather, should we not say that the election has been manipulated, controlled, filtered and stolen.  Perhaps we may even say that the election system has broken down and no longer serves democracy, but only serves those anonymous millionaires and billionaires who pay for anonymous attack ads.