October 2010

Jay Raskin

Jay Raskin Starting His Blog "Notes to Aphrodite"

Aphrodite Driving a Tractor

Aphrodite Driving a Tractor at her Horse Farm

This is a blog for my daughter, Aphrodite. She is 16 years old. Like many people her age, she feels that her parents are a bit old-fashioned and she is not very interested in what her parents have to say. I felt the same way at her age. It is perfectly natural. One wishes to discover the world by one’s own resources and not through the filter of their parents.

At some point, she may become interested in how I see/saw the world and some of the myriad of things in it. Therefore, I am doing this blog so she will get some idea of what I found interesting and exciting.

I am also doing it so that other people, such as my friends and my students, can learn a bit more about me and my concepts.